New Initial Keychains - Finders Key Purse

three.jpgIt never fails- you're in a hurry and can't find your keys or you're hands are full and you cant seem to locate them even when you know they're in your purse!  If your in to the big purse fashion these days, looking for your keys is like searching for a needle in a a haystack.  When our son was born, I found myself constantly struggling with trying to hold him (in those cumbersome carriers), trying to hold his diaper bag on one shoulder and trying to grab hold of my keys in my purse.  Well, I eventually smartened up and consolidated my purse and diaper bag into one to lessen the load, but then I had to find my keys mixed in with baby items.  Then one day I noticed my friends cute keychain she recently purchased.  You know why?  Because as I was struggling to find mine, she simply reaches right into her purse and grabbed them!  I realized then that I had to have this keychain.  Finders Key Purse are as cute as they are functional!  The keychain has a decorative hook that allows you to hang your keys on your purse... Or in my case, a diaper bag.  This key chain hanger means you put your keys where you can easily grab them when you need them.  Now that our son is in preschool and I have drop-off and pickup duty, I've found myself hooking my keys on my pants pockets or waste band to have my hands free for my kid.

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