Ideas for Monogram Stickers

bucket.jpgOur vinyl monogram decals and single letter stickers are great for the rear windshield of your car, but they also allow you to take any item you have and turn it into something special. For example we have seen these stickers on laptops, walls, washtubs, chests, mirrors, and toys.

We recently attended a birthday party for two you girls. We decided to get them several small gifts and placed them into a beach bucket. We used the beach buckets as the gift bag an placed wrapping tissue around and in it with the smaller toys. Next I cut two single letter vinyl stickers with their first name initials and placed on the bucket. This simple sticker gave a nice personal touch to a very simple gift. Let's hope the girls liked it as much as we did. 

Another gift idea is this great bow holder. Kim made this back in December for a friends baby shower and we were thinking about adding these to the site as well. Perhaps expanding with a kids category or something along those lines.... Well this bow holder would make a great shower gift, but we were posting just to give ideas of what you can do with the monogram stickers. She painted and decorated the bow holder then we used a vinyl sticker for the name to add the personalization. You could also use a monogram sticker or perhaps any other shape or design, but the name and monogram add a very nice touch without getting too tacky.