How to create a monogram?
The standard format for a monogram is first initial, last initial, middle initial. An example monogram or Jane Q. Public would be JPQ. Monograms for women have a larger middle letter (last name initial)

The standard format for a married couple is bride's first name, last name, groom's first name. So an example would be for Jane married to Edward Smith a monogram of JSE.

The monogram for a man is a horizontal monogram. Each letter is the same height and appears in the same order as the actual name - first name, middle name, last name.

The single letter initial can be used for the first or last name on a gift.

How to Apply Your Vinyl Sticker?

  1. Clean the surface well.
  2. Peel backing off and place sticker in position.
  3. Use a credit card edge to smooth and remove bubbles.
  4. Once sticker is applied remove masking tape by pulling at a 45 degree angle.

When will my order ship?

We normally ship all orders within 2-3 business days from the day which your order is placed. Some items , such as our Mee Too products and Monogram stickers ship with in one day. Our engraved monogrammed gifts and embroidered items can take longer due to production. 


Do you offer bulk order discounts?
Yes. Please contact us for bulk orders or custom orders.  


Can you create a custom vinyl sticker?
Yes. We can create a custom sticker for your car, business, or for fun. Contact us and describe what you would like to have made and how many copies you will need.

What type of surface will your monogram stickers adhere to?

Our vinyl holds best applied to glass and metal surfaces. The vinyl is also easier to apply on glass and metal surfaces. However, it will stick to drywall, plastics, and other surfaces as well. We recommend being very gentle while removing the masking from the vinyl on plastics or walls. 
* please note that we can not guarantee the vinyl will stick to all plastics or surfaces

How long will my new monogram sticker last?

In a protected environment the stickers should last for years. Our vinyl is rated for 4-5 years. Placed on a car, you monogram sticker should last a couple years at minimum, but can last up to 5 based on weather conditions and placement on the vehicle.