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Our round circle monogram decal is one of our all-time best selling styles. This two color version features the monogram letters with a solid outline. The circle outline and letters are die-cut so there is not white or clear material in the middle. Once they are applied to the surface you will only see the vinyl letters and outline. 

These make great decals for rear windows, phone cases, or laptops. To order, enter your monogram initials with the last name initial in the center position as it should be the largest letter for the decal. Choose your letter color, outline color, and size.

This monogram design is measured by the outline and not the letters. The 4 and 5 inch letters are our most popular sizes and they look great on cars, SUVs and trucks.

*Please note that the letter "D" is reversed if it's in the first position. This is done to keep the shape of the circle. View the letter sample photo for an example.

*Approximate final dimensions
2" tall = 2" wide
3" tall = 3" wide
4" tall = 4" wide
5" tall = 5" wide
6" tall = 6 wide
8" tall = 8" wide
10" tall = 10" wide
12" tall = 12" wide
15" tall = 15" wide
18" tall = 18" wide
20" tall = 20" wide

Custom Orders Available:

Please contact us for a custom size or bulk quantity vinyl sticker purchase.



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Carolyn Rovner 9th Oct 2014

Even my car looks stylish

As a style consultant and personal shopper by trade, I look for new and interesting ways for my clients (and me) to stand apart from the crowd. When I saw the monogram decal on another car, I knew I had to have one. There were many styles and colors to choose from, and I love the one I settled on. I love it! And now my generic white SUV has a little "pizzaz"...and I can spot it in a parking lot.

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