DIY Monogrammed Girls Bow Holder

We have built a few bow holders to give as baby shower gifts to expecting mothers and we thought it was a good idea to share how easy it is to complete.

Items Needed for Project:

  • Ribbon (one color or multiple colors)
  • Decorative board
  • Vinyl Monogram Decal

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

monogrammed girls bow holder

We found this cute chevron patterned decorative board at a store on clearance. It retailed for over $25 and we picked it up for less than half. All we needed was ribbon, glue, an a decal to finish this new bow holder. 

To start Kim glued different color ribbons to the back of the board using a hot glue gun. (You could probably use staples but we figured they could have cracked the wood, and they might tear the ribbon over time.) She alternated the color patterns to create a playful look and match the color theme of the girl's room. She also glued thinner strips of ribbon over the wider strips. This gives a little depth but also allows you to clip on smaller bows or other hair accessories if needed.  Technically there is no limit here, use as many color options as you want. You could use one color, multiple colors, or mix and match with different patterns. The ribbon for our board was a mix of pink, hot pink, white, and brown.

bow holder ribbon

Once you have the ribbons glued , trim the ends with scissors to the length you desire. You can alternate the lengths and alternate the angle of the cut to give a different look.

Last we placed one of our monogram decals in a chocolate brown color in the center of the board. For this bow holder we used our most popular vine font decal in a chocolate brown vinyl.

bow holder monogram decal 

girls bow holderOnce the board was assembled all we had to do was hang on the wall with the hardware it came with and add the bows.

It would be easy to replace the ribbon or decal in the future if you wanted to change the look of the board or to match a new room color.

Total cost for this project was less than $30.

Board: $10.00

Decal: $9.99 (15.94 including shipping)

We already had the ribbon and tools used.

However, you could probably pick up ribbon for a few dollars at a local craft store.