Decals for Schools and Teacher Appreciation

School decalsThis week is Teacher Appreciation week at our school and Kim and I decided to keep it simple with cookies and decals. Not only is this a low cost way to give, but it also allows us to give the teachers a nice snack and a decal to use wherever they wish.

While Kim slaved in the kitchen baking a few dozen cookies, I created the decals in a mix of our school colors (red, black, and white). Once the cookies had cooled we bagged them in red, black, and white patterned bags and punched a hole in the top corner. We then punched a hole in the corner of each decal and tied it to the bags with matching red and black twine. 

For the decals we used our popular round monogram, but used our school letters instead of personal initials. We cut the decals at 3 inches tall/wide so they will be easy to apply and would look great on a car, laptop, window, glass, or any smooth service in a teacher's classroom.

If you are interested in custom die-cut vinyl decals for your school or class, we can create a bulk order of decals similar to these at a very low cost.These are also a great way to create a simple school fundraiser. We normally can produce simple bulk orders like these pictured for less than .60 each. Schools or PTO groups could charge $2-5 for the decal, and many groups wadded decals to add to a large item raffle tickets. The person purchasing the raffle ticket for the fundraiser will at least have a decal even if they don't win.

Decals for Teachers and School